A Well Trained Dog

High FiveOne of the best investments that any dog owner can make is in the training of their dog.  A well trained dog will make your dog’s life and your family so much happier for this long term relationship. Man’s best friend has some tendencies that can make our lives and our relationship with our dog more difficult than it should be. Some training will not only give your dog added confidence but will make for a much happier life for all involved.

Some of these teachable skills will help keep your lovable dog safe and can be fun for the entire family.  You’ll find that your dog is eager to learn and will always take joy in pleasing you and your family.  If you decide to have someone else train your dog you and your family will need to continually reinforce what he or she has learned.  You’ll have to continuously reward behaviors that you like and make your best friend understand those that you don’t like.

One of the keys to a well trained dog is one that has a good exercise regime.  Often times bad behavior comes out due to lack of exercise.   This lack of exercise may show itself in chewing, aggressive play or excessive barking.  Daily physical activity is key.  This can be in the form of a good daily walks or play dates.

Much like us, dogs quickly understand immediate consequences.  If our dog does something that we like and is quickly rewarded then he or she is going to want to duplicate that good behavior more often. If he or she does something that is considered bad behavior and experiences a bad consequence then they will quickly learn not to repeat that.  If their favorite toy gets taken away, we ignore them or scold them they will most likely not want to repeat that bad behavior.

It’s important to remember that the consequences of our dog’s behavior must be immediate and consistent.  Unlike us they don’t have the ability to connect experiences that are separated in time. If they do something that you like the reward must immediately follow and if they do something that we don’t like then the negative reaction from you must immediately follow.

Being a good dog parent does not necessarily mean that you must dominate your dog but you must be a good leader.  Your dog will always be willing to  work for the things that they want.  By being consistent your dog will quickly learn that if he or she does what you want that what he or she wants will quickly follow.

Of course, we’ve only briefly touched on the very basics of training your dog.  We have put together some resources for your consideration.  Each of these will be based on your specific situation and requirements.  Remember to involve the entire family and have some fun!

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