Carry a Pet Wallet Card

Pocket PuppyOkay, we’re not suggesting that you buy your pet a wallet for their birthday.  What we mean is that you create a pet wallet for yourself.  When we’re away from out pets it’s important that we let someone know via our “pet wallet” that we have loved ones at home waiting for our return.  This wallet could become useful due to an accident or sudden illness while away or even as an aid to access important information regarding our pets.

Your pet wallet should first of all include your name and address and contact info for relatives, friends or pet caregivers.  If you have a kennel include that contact information in case that friends, relatives or pet caregivers are unable to care for your pets on short notice.  Your relatives and friends may be busy tending to your needs due to your emergency or illness.

In your pet wallet you also need to include information specific to each pet.  The information should include:

  1. The number of pets in your home – Brief description of where they might be found in the home.
  2. Each pet’s name – Include specifics if there are several pets.  The cat is named Toby and the dog is Scruffy.
  3. Their species – Be sure to include the fish tank in the den and the hamster in your son’s room.
  4. Size of each pet – Let those who may not know that the cat is only 5 lbs. and the dog is a gentle Great Dane.
  5. Whether or not each pet is friendly – You want to be certain to include that the dog can be a ferocious home protector and that the cat hates to be picked up.

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 3.08.21 PMYour pet wallet should also contain the name and contact numbers for each pet’s veterinarian.  Along these same lines of information be certain to include any allergies that your pets may have to food or substances and any medical conditions each pet may have.  If there are medical conditions include the nature of each and if they are on medication.  Be certain to include the name of the medication, where it can be found in your home and how often each pet needs to take their medication.

There are some very useful websites that can get you started with your pet wallet.  The NAPPS, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters provides free forms that include a lot of the information that should be included in your wallet. 2nd. Chance 4 Pets also has free forms for you to include in your wallet or to post in your home.