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German Shepard Left Home Alone With A GoPro

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Ever wonder what your dog does when left home alone? Find out what this dog does when left on her own, while her parents are out to dinner.

Voice Over On Dear Dog Diary Entries(video)

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A humorous take on what dogs are thinking at any given time by relating it to their entries in a personal Diary…Hard not to laugh at what everyone projects their dogs are thinking, daily. This video is sure to answer ...

High-tech Shepherding In Wales(video)

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From Wales, shepherding done by video camera and electric lights. This amazing video, sponsored by Samsung (after discovering these farmers from Wales) is done without too much video editing and is a delight to watch....

Beagle Stealing Chicken McNuggets(video)

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This Beagle  steals chicken nuggets that have been left in an unattended oven. Stealth is the only word we can use here….watch the ingenious method he uses to get his snacks…he knows just what he wants and he'll get i...

Dogs Decorating a Christmas Tree(video)

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Just in time for the Christmas Holiday, this cute,cleverly edited, HUNGARIAN video, emerges, of dogs (all different breeds) decorating the Christmas tree. Putting up all the tinsel and adding the presents, one by one,...

Dogs in Winter,Sleds & Snowmen(video)

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A unique compilation of dogs playing in the snow..riding on sleds with their human companions, sometimes booting the human off the sleds….Their reaction to snowmen is priceless..just plain fun in the snow..perfect tim...

Man Asks His Dogs, Who Got Into The Trash?(video)

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I love this video..all dog owners have experienced something close to this, how should I put it, mishap.. in the lifetime of their pets…Tank may be the guilty culprit, I just can't say for sure…you have to watch all t...

Dogdancing World Championship final, Salzburg 2012

3.81K Views1 Comments

This is a compilation of dogs of all breeds dancing with their partners in the Salzburg  Dogdancing Championships…they are "themed routines"..too numerous to mention, just watch and enjoy. This video shows how humans,...

Dog & Partner Dance to the Musical Grease (video)

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The video is from an American canine duo dancing contest. The timing and coordination between dog and human dancing partner is quite a fete…the duo dances to the musical GREASE and the partners don't miss a beat..welc...

Protection Dogs Working In Sync

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This video from Protection Dogs Plus shows three Shepherds working and playing in sync…perfectly coordinated tasks, done in perfect harmony..some very complex moves done with ease. This video is a "Must watch" to be b...

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