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German Shepard Left Home Alone With A GoPro

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Ever wonder what your dog does when left home alone? Find out what this dog does when left on her own, while her parents are out to dinner.

Voice Over On Dear Dog Diary Entries(video)

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A humorous take on what dogs are thinking at any given time by relating it to their entries in a personal Diary…Hard not to laugh at what everyone projects their dogs are thinking, daily. This video is sure to answer ...

Dogs in Winter,Sleds & Snowmen(video)

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A unique compilation of dogs playing in the snow..riding on sleds with their human companions, sometimes booting the human off the sleds….Their reaction to snowmen is priceless..just plain fun in the snow..perfect tim...

Man Asks His Dogs, Who Got Into The Trash?(video)

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I love this video..all dog owners have experienced something close to this, how should I put it, mishap.. in the lifetime of their pets…Tank may be the guilty culprit, I just can't say for sure…you have to watch all t...

Labradors Being Labs(video compilation)

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This is a compilation of Labrador Retrievers doing whatever they think is fun,  all day every day…Life…These guys tickle the funny bone and steal your heart…it's little wonder that Labs are there #1 family dog….just w...

Pug and Terrier take on the spider

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Just in time for halloween...This video shows the courage of the invincible pug and his back-up terrier pal, taking on the ferocious remote controlled spider....of course the pug encourages his pal to "take out" the s...

Dog wearing foot protection

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Baby needs a new pair of shoes...this Golden wears foot protection for the first time. If you have ever put doggie shoes on a dog, you will relate to this video...after a few trips around the living room, she is ready...

Dog mimics owner

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Ok, everyone's gotta' get into the act...This dog upstages his owner by doing a perfect series of squats..short but pretty incredible....I'm waiting for his next act...chin-ups...

Bull Terrier attempts the chair swing

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Handsome Spuds McKenzie dog makes valient attempts to mount a chair swing...tell me this wouldn't be perfect with Benny Hill theme song in the background...if at first you don't succeed, try try again

Amazing Pipsqueak Peeing Pup

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This is the funniest video of a little guy peeing his little heart out.  He has the most amazing form!  It will definitely give you a good laugh.

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