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Beagle Stealing Chicken McNuggets(video)

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This Beagle  steals chicken nuggets that have been left in an unattended oven. Stealth is the only word we can use here….watch the ingenious method he uses to get his snacks…he knows just what he wants and he'll get i...

Dogs Decorating a Christmas Tree(video)

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Just in time for the Christmas Holiday, this cute,cleverly edited, HUNGARIAN video, emerges, of dogs (all different breeds) decorating the Christmas tree. Putting up all the tinsel and adding the presents, one by one,...

The Blessing of the Dogs, Positano Italy(video)

4.73K Views14 Comments

Every year, in Positano Italy, they have the blessing of the dogs…. a prayer by the Priest keep your dog happy and healthy,  and to remind us how blessed we are to have the company of our four legged companions. ...

A Compilation Of Puppies Learning To Walk(video)

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For every dog lover..this is a compilation of puppies taking their very first steps, and struggling to learn to put one foot in front of the other..absolutely one of the cutest videos I've seen that brings back memori...

A Compilation of Dogs With Eyebrows(video)

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Here's a cute compilation of dog videos showing dogs with pencilled on or cut and taped eyebrows that give their canine friends, an even more complex personality….It's really too funny to see the expression on their f...

Bulldogs at their best and funniest(video compilation)

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This is a compilation of Bulldogs hamming it up for the camera..different bulldogs in different settings..I dare you not to laugh…if you've ever had a bulldog or just wanted to sees how they interact with humans, you ...

Dogs Shaking Themselves Dry in Slow Motion(video)

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This hypnotic video shows a series of dogs shaking themselves dry in ultra slow motion…water beads flying everywhere, creating an splatter effect  designers long to create. Take a minute or two and be transfixed by th...

Entelbuch Mountain Dog tug-o-war(video)

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This video shows two Entelbuch Mountain Dogs playing tug-o-war across the back yard of their home, in the Swiss Alps. The Entelbuch Mountain Dog is bred mostly in the Lucerne region of the Swiss Alps, weighing 45-65 p...

Scottie Pinwheel video

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This short but sweet video shows six Scotties drinking their favorite beverage, Goats milk. They can hardly wait until the milk is put down, then once it's down, they embark on the pinwheel dance..very cute with 2 mil...

A day in the Life of a Chinese Shar-Pei(video)

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This short video takes an adventurous turn when the Shar-Pei puppy makes his way through the barnyard after squirming through the fence..meeting all the animals one at a time...he stops to nibble on some of the leftov...

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