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Roscoe the Hound Dog Adopts Surya the Orangatan (video)

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This National Geographic video takes the viewer to a national animal park and introduces the viewer to one of the strangest animal pairings ever witnessed . Surya the Orangatan and Roscoe the hound dog. Not sure if Ro...

Weimaraner photographed by William Wegman(video)

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This video shows the impressive photographic works of William Wegman...known for his photographic interpretation of dogs in human settings. Employing his Weimaraners in various poses in various settings....His dogs br...

Frank The Pug (Men In Black)

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Everyone's seen it, and it never gets old. No pugs were hurt in this the Pug an Alien, has a few choice words to say to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones...before giving up the "goods"...he was so po...

Wilshire the Dalmation FireDog(video)

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This video is the perfect representation of a rescued Dalmation in Los Angeles, and now a proud member of FireStation 29...Wilshire serves as the Firemen's alarm clock in the morning and he shows them how he's learned...

Dogs Herding Sheep in Ireland( video)

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This video shows Border Collies in the lush Irish country side responding to their masters voice(Brendan Ferris), with athleticism and  precision. These sheep(Scotch Black Face), are particularly attuned to the rocky ...

Video of a Kayaker rescuing dog

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This video of a kayaker rescuing dog - is of a man in a kayak far from shore, with the tide going out, and to his surprise while he has all his fishing lines set, a dog comes toward the kayak. The dog had obviously be...

Beagles released from testing lab to the outside for the very first time

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This video is an uplifting story about nine beagles rescued from an animal testing laboratory. They have been de-barked so as not to disturb the people that are testing. They have never been exposed to the outside ele...

The Hero Dogs of 9/11

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This video shows the dogs that were called in to New York City after the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. They worked tirelessly for shifts...all different breeds...sifting through torn steel, bro...

Dog and Horse running and playing

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These two best friends do this all day long..the dog really, really wants to play with that ball and is torn between the ball and  playing with his friend the he drops the ball and goes off running with the...

German Shepherd

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The worlds first service dog...bred in Germany to handle the rigors of war and sniffing out signs of trouble...brought back to the United States and furthered their breeding interesting tutorial that shows ...

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