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Dogs helping dogs

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Dogs Are Finally Driving

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This video shows that a charity in New Zealand has trained rescued dogs to drive a car.  The cars have been rigged to accommodate the dogs and now they can drive the car down a narrow lane.

Beagles released from testing lab to the outside for the very first time

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This video is an uplifting story about nine beagles rescued from an animal testing laboratory. They have been de-barked so as not to disturb the people that are testing. They have never been exposed to the outside ele...

World’s Tallest Dog

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This gentle giant was recently named the world's tallest dog by Guinness World Records.  Zeus is 3 years old and lives with his family in Michigan and spends part of his time visiting hospitals where he brings joy to ...

Dog and Horse running and playing

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These two best friends do this all day long..the dog really, really wants to play with that ball and is torn between the ball and  playing with his friend the he drops the ball and goes off running with the...

Great Dane raised with Doe

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Still happy after all these friends..frolicking and galloping through life..forever young..

The Secret Life Of The Dog (Documentary)

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This video will give you a deep insight into dog behavior and a better understanding of our best friends.

Dogs Herding Sheep in Ireland( video)

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This video shows Border Collies in the lush Irish country side responding to their masters voice(Brendan Ferris), with athleticism and  precision. These sheep(Scotch Black Face), are particularly attuned to the rocky ...

Dog dad returns from deployment

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After six months away from his best friend, a heartwarming reunion...

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