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Dog and Down Syndrome Boy

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This video will warm your heart and show the love a dog is able to extend.  It's a great story about making friends!

A Wolf Called Storm

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A one hour documentary trailing the leader of a wolf pack in Northern Canada...a wolf called Storm..this film takes you into remote parts of Canada, the wolves natural habitat, and lets you see the wolves operating as...

Great Dane raised with Doe

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Still happy after all these friends..frolicking and galloping through life..forever young..

World’s Tallest Dog

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This gentle giant was recently named the world's tallest dog by Guinness World Records.  Zeus is 3 years old and lives with his family in Michigan and spends part of his time visiting hospitals where he brings joy to ...

Dogs Herding Sheep in Ireland( video)

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This video shows Border Collies in the lush Irish country side responding to their masters voice(Brendan Ferris), with athleticism and  precision. These sheep(Scotch Black Face), are particularly attuned to the rocky ...

Frank The Pug (Men In Black)

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Everyone's seen it, and it never gets old. No pugs were hurt in this the Pug an Alien, has a few choice words to say to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones...before giving up the "goods"...he was so po...

The Hero Dogs of 9/11

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This video shows the dogs that were called in to New York City after the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. They worked tirelessly for shifts...all different breeds...sifting through torn steel, bro...

Dog dad returns from deployment

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After six months away from his best friend, a heartwarming reunion...

Weimaraner photographed by William Wegman(video)

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This video shows the impressive photographic works of William Wegman...known for his photographic interpretation of dogs in human settings. Employing his Weimaraners in various poses in various settings....His dogs br...

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