Fast and Easy Way To Get Your Dog Talking – Character Facial Mapping Service for CrazyTalk App (IOS Devices)


This service provides you with the Facial Mapping necessary to animate your dog and turn it into a "talking" character using the CrazyTalk App for IOS (iPhone and iPad). Basically, you send us a photo of your dog, and we complete the Facial Mapping, teeth selection etc, and send you links to download your facially mapped character (your dog) and the CrazyTalk App for the iPhone. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for 10 days, so if you are not 100% delighted we will give you a full refund. To get going please complete the 5 steps listed below.

1. Take a Photo of Your Dog Using Your iPhone

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For best results, please hold your iPhone vertically (not horizontally) and  take a face-front forward shot with your dog sitting looking at the camera. The dog needs to be about 3 feet away form the camera, looking straight into the camera with its eyes open and its mouth shut. Non-cluttered backgrounds are best, but most any background will work. Also, please try to keep the shot only of the dog, and don't include people in the photo. 

2. Upload Your Dog Photo - Use the form below to upload your photo to the Dog Story Video servers.

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If your upload form doesn't display within a few seconds, please check the FAQ or contact us at We'd love to help out!

3. Pay for Service - Once you upload your photo, please click the Donate button to pay $4.95 for the Dog Story Videos Character Facial Mapping Service. 100% of profits from the Character Facial Mapping service will be donated to The Pet Finder Foundation.

4. Wait for Facial Mapping - Once we receive your photo and payment, our animators will complete the facial mapping and teeth selection needed so your dog is ready to animate using the CrazyTalk Ap for IOS (iPhone). This services takes about 24 to 48 hours.

5. Get Your Download Links - You will receive links by text and email to download the free CrazyTalk App for IOS (iPhone) along with your dog as an animation project / actor ready to load into the CrazyTalk APP for iPhone. You're now ready to start recording your own animated talking dog videos using the CrazyTalk App for iPhone (IOS). Have fun!