Research The Best Pet Insurance Companies and Get A Quote

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As a dog owner one of the many questions that you’ll have when your new dog comes home is whether or not to purchase pet insurance for them.  Pet insurance can be costly over your dog’s lifetime but over the past several years there have been many more treatments that a veterinarian practice can offer.  Treatments that were unheard of for pets a short time ago are now available but can be costly.

Now vets can offer radiation therapy for cancer, kidney transplants, stem cell treatments and on and on.  As with these same human treatments they are all very expensive and without insurance can dip right into your savings.  In 2012 owners spent over $13 billion on vet care and of course the predictions are that these costs will only increase.

So we’ll take a look at a few insurance carriers that may suit your needs and let you decide for yourself.

Petplan is one of the only pet health companies to cover hereditary diseases with no dollar or time limit per condition. In addition it covers injuries and illnesses for life. Petplan will cover any chronic conditions into your dog’s old age as long as you continue to renew your policy without a break in coverage. It even covers some alternative therapies. They’re endorsed by the Humane Society of the US and voted #1 pet insurance by Canine Journal 2013. Get-A-Quote
Trupanion was reviewed by Consumer Reports and offers a plan that pays a straight 90% of Veterinary costs and does not impose reasonable fees. There’s no payout limit over the life of your dog and no limits per year, claim, illness, procedure or condition. Trupanion also offers coverage for both hereditary and congenital conditions. That’s HUGE! They also cover some alternative holistic treatments. Get-A-Quote
Embrace pet insurance was named as one of the best by Canine Journal. The reason for this high endorsement is because of their great customer service record and their high reimbursement rates. Embrace covers genetic health conditions which is something that many pet insurance policies do not cover. It also allows you to cater your pet policy to your dog’s needs and your budget. One important factor to consider is that your senior dog may not be fully covered under their plans. Therefore it’s important to carefully review coverage for older dogs Get-A-Quote